Brand with Madison

Brand, marketing, and mindset coaching to help you articulate your magic, share it boldly with the world and create the life and business you want.

Hey There, I'm Madison

I help creative entrepreneurs and industry disruptors identify their unique magic and share it clearly and confidently. If you find yourself playing by others' rules for your business or your life, we throw out the rules and write a playbook for you.

When I'm not branding and coaching, I'm acting in films and television here in New York City. Stories and human connection are my bread and butter. I can't wait to help you tell a story that helps you connect with your people and your purpose.

Here's how we can work together:

Brand Coaching

For entrepreneurs creating a new brand or pivoting an existing business. Create an impactful brand message and design from the inside out in just six weeks!

When your new brand is polished and ready to go, I help you create the website and marketing plans AND cultivate the new mindset and beliefs to support you as you step into your next level of possibilities.

Brand Consulting

For enterprises and organizations that want cohesive, compelling marketing without sounding like everyone else in their industry.

I help your team develop messaging that sets you apart and devise a plan that reaches your best matched customers.

Life Coaching

For ambitious and creative people (usually with some perfectionist and people-pleasing tendencies) to prioritize their desires and unleash their magic into the world.

Life coaching is a weekly house cleaning for your brain so you can stop tripping over the same thoughts and start creating the life experience you want.

The Level Up Mastermind

My signature Mastermind to Magnetize your Brand Message, Create your "Hell Yes!" Offer and Sell it Confidently Online Without Tech Overwhelm or Mindset Drama.

Doors Re-Open September 2023

Figuring out what you want in your life and business is one thing. Creating the mindset to do it with confidence is another. Here, we do both.